Joomla lessons Stack Gallery - media gallery of popular Joomla

Stack Gallery - media gallery of popular Joomla


Stack Gallery is a unique extension, which is a media gallery in Joomla. Displaying articles is through components: Joomla, K2 or Phoca Gallery. Used JQuery for smooth transitions and beautiful effects. You can configure many parameters within the module.


If you oharakterizovat this extension in one word, it would be “elegance”, as it is very impressive looking transitions between display sub-folders within the gallery and its the top level.


As for the settings of this module, they offer options such as show title, opening links in a new or existing window, the height and width of the component, caching and more.


Choose materials from several popular systems are Joomla articles, K2 component or gallery Phoca Gallery.


You can also define a sort order, filters, time appears on the screen, etc.


  • Responds to changes in the screen.
  • Display content from K2, Joomla, Phoca Gallery.
  • Enable/disable headers.
  • Connecting the corners.
  • Resizing the images.
  • Show only featured articles.
  • content Filtering and the order in which they appear.

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