Photo and Photoshop tutorials

Teaching lessons on photography and Adobe Photoshop

On our site You will always be able to learn not only how to correctly use photographic equipment, but also to take specific examples of the use of images in the popular program for editing pictures - Adobe Photoshop.

In addition, our project you can download the actual program, to purchase additional operations to Photoshop and try your hand in online editors. The lessons are divided into categories, which is very convenient. For example, in the "Articles" section you can select "Photoshop tutorials" or "Photo lessons" and also to see other sections of our project.

Adobe Photoshop, or in the Russian version- Photoshop is the leader among the programmes to edit and improve your photos and their processing for further printing. But in order to learn how to correctly and quickly process your images, you need to learn how to do it.

That is why we offer you to learn the basics of this program first, and then become a professional photo editing program Adobe Photoshop. Each user of a digital camera wishes to see in the image quality shadows, detailed objects, bright scenes and contrasting landscapes, as well as learn how to retouch skin, create vignettes, etc.

Create your own unique files in Photoshop, and we will help you with advice on how to better optimize your workspace, create action, download operation, styles, patterns, etc., all you need is to register on our site, as well as leave comments on pages of information (at the end of each article). In addition, we have a special section to the Forum. It is not yet published proposals for lessons on our project, as well as communicate with users who also love this program and running it, to learn as much as you can.

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