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Zheldorekspeditsiya – SERVICE like shit!


In Russia, it is all a wind up..VAT even at $ 10, especially if you work in jeddore. Why? Look for the answer in this article.
It all started as usual trivial with the delivery of goods from one region to St. Petersburg. Immediately it should be noted that in comparison with the Russian post deliver zheldor fragile cargo is much better, but the advantages of the company almost end. Begin cons and very huge…

Let’s start with the positive aspects:

    < li>Drivers sometimes help with the reception and shipment of goods, which is a distinct advantage,

    < li>Cargo is delivered to the end user quickly enough,

  • There is a function of tracking the movement of parcels on the website,
  • There is a support phone number where you can contact.

Now, in fact cons:

Support will not give, in principle, no adequate data on the time of delivery, except those that are announced on the website
You will be charged additionally for the removal of the crate +200 ₽, which was previously done for free! Thus based on the data of the price specified only on own website, i.e. upon official documents on this account they simply do not have is a question to tax and other checking authorities of this office.
The most disgusting service in this company should be considered the time of delivery and the level of arrogance of operators. Let me explain with an example: you get a call 1-2 days before the end of the free storage period, which by the way is only 1 day. And report that you will deliver the parcel on the appointed day, attention, from 10.00 to 17.00!, i.e. in fact in the main time of most people who are in their workplace.
Go ahead, at the same time you are informed that you need to pay the top +200 rubles for the removal of the crate, and if you are not satisfied with the delivery schedule (wait all day at home, taking a day off at work, if you work 5 days a week), you can still pay +50%! for something that cargo will deliver in weekend! Now compare such a poor delivery service with some online store and you will understand that the service of zheldor lagged behind in time by 50 years ago!
All this suggests only one bad idea-you want to earn and fuck..AMB!
In addition, if you suddenly decide to pick up your goods yourself, then there is a warehouse and office of zheldor in the deep ass of geography, and not in the center of St. Petersburg. Ie you or order a delivery (not cheap) or pussy..fuck Peter. Thus, they send you a few letters, even before delivering the cargo itself.
As for the convenience of finding information on their official website, you can simply say nothing, just click on the link of the site. Miserable shit as design, color matching and usability at zero. Among other things, you will not find information on the cost of services, because these data are buried deep in the Internet..PE, quarrel, on the site.

The results for galdor

Many Russian regions use the service of this forwarder by default. Reviews on gildor you can watch on known sites – and they there in most with sign 1 pass!