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Parsing using ZennoPoster – Yula, Bulletin Board

База ремонт квартир

Sometimes you want to upload or download large volume of data on the website. It is for these tasks today become popular all sorts of parsers and online services. Personally, I like the program :ZennoPoster: as it can be running like a Pro, and novice user of the Internet. Today I would like to tell you about parsing, “July” (youla.io), site, classified ads, and offer a unique value service that pays for itself in the first hours/days after purchase.

База ремонт квартир

Start with the fact that “Julia” is a huge number of people, so there is money. To get at least part of that pie, will have to try.

Search for similar ads people use as a rule Excel a Notepad, so they have this process takes a lot of time. To simplify the search of such ads was to write a parser Zenno, who can for a few minutes/hours (depends on the region and the particular service) to the table to the desired option.
For example, you receive the main income from repair and you need to know your competitors (those who turn more than to you). What can I do? To manually collect information from the “ula”, driving into the browser “” and writing down or copying the ads. What can be done to someone who has a small amount on Webmoney, Yandex Money, Paypal, etc.? Just buy a database, use the built-in filters and choose a few minutes is ALL you NEED! Such a database we offer to you and! In addition, you can modify it, removing the excess cells in a table or database to collect new, more relevant today.


For example, you can do the following:

  • Take a ready-made base phones and text ads for a given query;
  • To find direct competitors and ask them specific questions, creating its own dimension;
  • Write your own ad on “Julia”, taking the best options from ready database format .CSV or Excel;
  • To create their own competitive service or to work together under the agreement of rendering of services.

What’s inside?

That can be modified and change?

  • To update the data base periodically to put through :ZennoPoster:;
  • To remove unnecessary data type zero hits or a small factor;
  • To introduce the leads in CRM and more.

Where to buy?

Actual base on repair of apartments in Moscow, as well as other popular databases can be requested here.