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ZennoPoster – program to automate actions in the browser


ZennoPoster is a special program to automate your actions in the browser and via FTP. C using this component you can forget that you need to make a username and password, and to drive social networking, by pressing the keyboard keys or clicking the mouse buttons. All you need is a little insight into the program itself, and then it will do everything for you.



What are the advantages of ZennoPoster compared to other products, such as RoboTask?

First, you have a lot of tools. It’s multithreading you can run multiple tasks at the same time, a visual interface – you can drag and paste operations, without processing code, automatically record template – automatically record user actions while working in the program logic – logical operators and paste actions to them, powerful proxychecker – collect proxies of the + add them to the selection filter, human emulation – no need to worry about the bots, advanced disguise registering with the sites happens quickly and safely, support for your code – you can write your own program if you are an advanced programmer, unique generation of nicknames – the automatic creation of accounts in the system.

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