ZennoPoster, Program

ZennoBox is the main differences from ZennoPoster


In this article, we will discuss the main differences and features of the program ZennoBox, which is a separate decision and works directly without reference to the program :ZennoPoster:. All this allows us to run processes without buying expensive software, and also to order projects from the professionals, without worrying about what settings to set and how to use :ZennoPoster:.

The main purpose of this program was the sale of our own projects to people who have no opportunity to buy ZennoPoster or they need 1-2 individual project, and they are not willing to spend more than 1000-2000 rubles for it, especially to understand the features of programming and the intricacies of this software.
Work for the buyer of the project
The person who wants to purchase from you the project is registered on the site. He then absolutely free download ZennoBox, pre-pay, of course, ordered earlier project (you in the admin panel first create a project in his name and pay a small Commission to the creators of ZennoPoster, which guarantee uninterrupted operation).
P. S. Note! During registration and ordering of the templates you need to use the same e-mail, because it will bind the ordered project.
Work for the seller of the project
The seller of the project sets in the program ZennoPoster pre “Input settings”, where the end user can modify the necessary data if desired. Next, the seller sends the buyer a link for registration (which is listed just above) and configures the tab Bots yourself project.
As soon as the seller receives the money paid for the script, the buyer will be sent to your e-mail the download link of the ordered project.
In addition, for repeat purchase, the buyer spends a lot less money because the seller pays less Commission for the creation of bot projects.
The convenience of this approach is obvious for both the seller and the buyer, as there is no need to be bound to a specific version of the program :ZennoPoster: and also to acquire and learn to configure.
So, to sum up: for those who want to the finished project without reference to the program, so to speak, out of the box – can order it via the feedback form on the page. For those who want to get more, set himself the project, and also to get discounts for later, you can go directly to our store.