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How to register a domain correctly – the answers to the questions!

Как зарегистрировать домен правильно

The time when the registration of second level domain in the zone.”EN” was conducted only RIPN long passed. Today for this purpose, you can resort to the help of new third-party registrars. In order to make the right choice and register the domain, you should consider all the possible options:
Как зарегистрировать домен правильно

Services hosters. Suppose that the great hosting you already have, and to change it you are going. In this case, everything as simple as possible. Literally every hosting company offers its clients the following services at affordable price. You only need one action – pay proposal. Payment is made according to the tariffs of the host. However, note that in this case, independent management of the domain name will be impossible. If you have any question to change domain name, for example, when you change hosting, without recourse to the host is not necessary.
Appeal to the provider. If you have your own web server and a leased line from the provider company that you are completely satisfied, but the dissatisfaction of the domain name 3rd-level, you should register your desired name with her. Option involves the same features and drawbacks as mentioned above. That is, all the required settings for you will perform specialist providers. You will remain in the same mode to pay for access to a global network;
Appeal directly to the primary/secondary Registrar. You need to go to one of the selected sites (don’t forget to read reviews about the registrars), and to Deposit a certain amount of money. The cost depends on what area you want to register the name. For example, check domain ru is the most expensive in comparison with others. But this area is the most popular in Runet. Remember that a Registrar must be accredited. Solution advantages are that all actions can be performed personally, using a convenient control panel.

Free offers on registration
Can I register a domain for free? Yes. But note that the second level so does not happen. You will be asked only third level names. The only advantage of the solution is only that paying for it is not necessary. Among the cons include Intrusive advertising, which will revolve on the website, regardless of the wishes of the owner of the resource. The most popular service, ready to offer such a service are:

ucoz.EN. Excellent solution for beginners, but it is not suitable for professionals. Plug-ins, templates and modules are varied and numerous. However, in the name of the site will contain that may cause distrust to the resource and the content that it published. If you want to create a portal for a major company or an online store, use website Creator. Choose it the above ways;
narod.EN. Also refers to the largest and most convenient autoconstruction, trustworthy. Forum, guestbook and other modules are in the range. But again, for serious organizations this option is not suitable.