Ночной режим / Night mode

Today we will talk about earnings on bitcoin mining or online service Minergate production of all types of this currency through your computer. Yes, you heard right! By mining you can get coveted money or just turning off your PC, to earn a beer/car (toy). How does it happen?
Заработок на майнинге биткойнов

So, go and register an account. You will need it for further work.
Next we need to download the program on your PC to begin earning bitcoins. Is there any version for any platform:

Recommended “mine” on the PC systems with modern graphics cards, but certainly not to load on the laptop! You can also use the version of mining for smartphones (link at bottom of page with the download versions).

Control panel
Through easy to manage administration panel you can choose that option and a purse that is convenient for you. There are in the system and a special mode through which it is possible not to worry about what to choose – mining service will do everything for you.

The program
Automatic selection and inclusion exists, it is under “Smart”. Among the many settings I recommend just poke the mouse and understand, it will give you the stickers and extra “features”.
So these “chips” look (say, if you get all of them, in the end you will get a prize!):

Smart mode

The number of cores
So your system did not fly in the first hours of mining, we recommend you not to put on maximum power and try less cores. For example, you have a PC with 4 cores – put 2 or 3 max, otherwise it will be impossible to work on the computer.

Preliminary results
Excellent service and program for mining on your computer! What will happen next – time will tell, but for now you can go to drink tea or coffee…