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Earning and spending online is the dream of every service letyshops

заработать и тратить

How to make money and to spend even a penny on the beginning stage, through the purchase online using a special service letyshops will be discussed in today’s article. This online project aims to help those who make purchases online on a regular basis and wants to save their money and earn…

Зарабатывать и тратить онлайн

All of us want to have more money to spend at least a variety of everyday goods, etc., but not everyone knows about such an interesting decision as letyshops (about which I wrote earlier in my blog). Those who want to read about the benefits of service – see link, and in this post I will tell you my own observations and explain how to start working with the resource.
So, let’s say you always go to Hardware and spend there a certain amount of money, while clearly wish not only waste, but also to earn on purchases. To do this, go to the link service letyshops, register and install extension in your browser, which will remind you about what you can include, cashback or simply return money on purchases.
After registration you will see a list of stores with this extension.
Note: you can not use a browser extension, but directly through the service go to your favorite online shopping.

Now the main thing – the earnings with minimum investment. Of course, it is necessary to adequately relate to the fact that a percentage of trades will be about 1-2%, or even less. But, it is nice to get a bonus at least some pennies, which can then be collected and withdraw directly to your e-wallet or Bank card (e.g., Bank). An example would be old piggy Bank in the form of a pig that usually enclose our stores in the form of increased value of their products…
To withdraw your savings once you need to earn 500 ruble that you will agree, not so much. At the moment I have 96,48 R.

Now let’s talk about the costs that are somehow connected with the service.
In monetary terms, you will have to leave in about 1% of the deal, that is, if you have ordered an item that cost 10,000 rubles, received cashback in the form of compensation 100. The only fast way to monetize this solution can be affiliate program, which is relatively loyal to its customers.
The results
To earn a lot, need to spend a lot. And to earn a lot from others ‘ spending, we need to attract referrals – business as usual. The only positive thing in the expensive part is their validity – without difficulty, as they say, don’t take it out…


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