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Why do you need “beeches” and “cranes” – earnings of BTC

Биткоин краны

If this article had been published about 20-30 years ago, nobody would have understood what these terms mean, but today they have become part of everyday speech, especially for all traders, webmasters and just freeloaders! So, if in very simple words, “beeches” are the sites that pay you to watch the ads, and “taps” – for clicking on the captcha once per hour. The difference is not much, so I prefer to combine this mini-earnings together so that there is no confusion.

Despite the simplicity of tasks, it is impossible to perform them every day, every hour is not possible, because it takes even a simple action of a lot of time, and time is money! Scripts and automated actions come to our aid, and they click on the right buttons at the time we have set. One of the most popular scripts is the automated action for the site Fribitcoin, created with the software ZennoPoster.

Those are examples of paying boxes


Платящие буксы (2020-...)

КранВалютаВремя Сумма


Webmoney R,Z
Яндекс. Деньги
Каждые 10-60 минутМинимальная к выводу = 10 рублей


Webmoney R,Z
Яндекс. Деньги
Каждые 10-60 минутМинимальная к выводу = 3 рубля


Каждые 24 часаМинимальная к выводу = 2$
Ссылки на бесплатные сайты, которые платят за просмотры и задания (постоянно актуализируются и обновляются).

It should be noted that these sites will not bring you more money than you earn by working 5 days a week in a hated firm, but! with the right positioning and approach will be able to attract additional income to the piggy bank.


Those examples of payload valves


Бесплатные краны цифровой валюты (bch, xmr, doge, trx, xrp, ltc, btc)

КранВалютаВремя Счастливый номерСумма


BTC (подробнее)Каждые 60 минут 0 - 9885
9886 - 9985
9986 - 9993
9994 - 9997
9998 - 9999
0.00000022 BTC
0.00000205 BTC
0.00002047 BTC
0.00020468 BTC
0.00204676 BTC
0.02046756 BTC


BTC (подробнее)Каждые 60 минутLEVEL
0.00000015 BTC
0.00000020 BTC
0.00000050 BTC
0.00000150 BTC
0.00000500 BTC
0.00002000 BTC
0.00010000 BTC
0.00055000 BTC


BTC (подробнее)Каждые 30 минут0 - 50

Free Litecoin (Android)

LTCКаждые 10 минутМинимальная к выводу = 20 000 LTC Litoshi

Free Litecoin (PC)

LTCКаждые 60 минут 0 - 9885
9886 - 9985
9986 - 9993
9994 - 9997
9998 - 9999
Минимальная к выводу: 0.00200000
Комиссия: 0.00100000

Firefaucet (PC)

BTC + Ethereum+ LTC...Каждые 30 минутМинимальная к выводу: 0.00011000
Ссылки на бесплатные краны биткойн и других цифровых знаков (постоянно актуализируются и обновляются).

If to put it simply, the tugboats pay very little, as evidenced by Seosprint and Seofast, but it is likely the earnings of schoolchildren, not even students (if you click manually, of course!). But BTC taps – this is a very different story, especially if you consider the rate of digital currency in recent years (2020!). That’s why I recommend to stop first of all on the taps, so as not to lose precious time, and go to the links at the top, register and read my blog further to find out how to get the most out of them …

You understand that there is an alternative option – to buy scripts for automatic clicking and viewing ads that are not free! To buy a specific action for the program ZennoPoster (sold separately!), send a request with a link to your own account in the social network – we will contact you and provide instructions for downloading the script (after its payment!). The cost of each is sent individually through a personal account of the social network, where you are registered. The advantage will be foreign social networks, because Russian social networks are NOT popular with us and trust them 0 – especially we do not sit there all the time, and in general try not to go there – there to do NEVERS!