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Yula-parsing ads through ZennoPoster

Юла - парсинг объявлений через ZennoPoster

Recently received an order for parsing data with popular portal Yula, purchase and sale listings for individuals. Analog, Avito, is also popular, and older than this solution, but Yula offers the collection of information through the API than what we use.


With the help of my beloved BY :ZennoPoster: I take the necessary items to GET requests to the API Yuly, and then by traversing through the JSON format to insert information directly into the table or list. The easiest way is of course to find and make all data and then sort by columns – this way you will pass the fate of losing some important data.

Advantages of API

in Addition to the speed of parsing through the API you get:

  • Accurate results without any errors
  • Minimal load on the processor by not using the browser
  • Minimum of code, including C#
  • Understanding how to construct a GET request.
  • Results of parsing

    Despite all the above advantages of this approach of information gathering, it should be noted that a must always be checked for errors the end result. This does not mean that you have to call on these in ads to numbers and to check the accuracy of the data. Just scan your eyes down the new list and select if necessary the exact elements, or Vice versa, remove them. Alternatively, have ZennoPoster has a great feature – remove duplicates, sin not to use.

    Blocks or C#

    Program allows you to create scripts both through internal blocks that are built into the software, or using C# code