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Improve SEO your site: write good content and optimize your WordPress website using Yoast SEO plugin.
Yoast SEO

WordPress is a ready-made solution for numerous purposes, as well as a great platform for SEO tasks. But there’s always something to improve on.
The plugin was written by a team of like-minded people, which is designed to increase the performance of the website in a better way, and has all the necessary tools.
Extension Yoast SEO takes care of the technical part of your project, as well as about the quality of your content. This plugin selects the focus keyword while writing articles, making sure that you use it wherever you need.
If you purchased the premium version of this decision, then you will have the opportunity to ask questions on the forum, where experts and the developers of the plugin will be able to answer difficulties encountered with him. In addition, in the paid version of the plugin there are some more advanced options and accessibility. For instance, in the first place be attributed to Manager redirects, as well as support for numerous keywords.
In addition to this extension, the manufacturer suggests to get acquainted with Yoast Local SEO component, Yoast Video SEO extensions and also Yoast News SEO and other helpful services.
Used in plugin special code snippets that help to determine the necessary number of characters for meta descriptions used by search engines. These actions not only increase the space in the search, but also a good influence on user clicks.
In addition, there is a complete page analysis: checked the various things you can forget while creating a website. For example, the plugin finds the lack of images, the presence of the alt tag, and is there enough in the description and title of the post symbols, number of sub-headings and key words. The extension allows you to write titles and descriptions for your categories, insert tags, optimizing the content. With this solution the contents of your project will appeal to the search engines.
Meta tags and link elements plugin help you control the pages that appear in Google search. WordPress itself shows the canonical links on regular pages, Yoast SEO puts them wherever necessary. Google has announced that it will take into account and use a link rel=”next” and rel=”prev” to determine navigation pages, the plugin adds them automatically.
In addition to this, extension provides advanced functionality to build a site map. In order to automatically install a site map, you only need to put a tick in the tedious place. Map XML includes image posts, and the page that allows you to find the project in the network among images.
These XML maps will work perfectly even on large resources, as they contain internal structure, made of subcategories in a thousand posts.
You can use a built-in component setup breadcrumbs – this allows you to create a quick navigation which perfect for search engines and humans.
There is a functional import and export settings, which will be particularly useful in the presence of blogs. Also, the import settings can be a good option if you have installed the plugin All In One SEO Pack or HeadSpace2, as it is possible to transfer the old titles and descriptions.
Plugin translated to your language – more than 24 languages are already available. He constantly improved and updated, making this extension one of the most popular for WordPress.
Everything you need in one kit
There is no need to use individual services statistics
One of the most popular extensions for WordPress
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