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To remove the admin a message about updating the plugin, Yoast Seo


We will tell you how fast you can remove the pop-up at the top of the administrative panel of your website a message stating that you need to update the plugin Yoast Seo, and more specifically, his Premium version.

Sometimes some plugins and extensions (not going to point fingers) introducing weird code, or an annoying reminder that you must purchase their software. To avoid this, we need only to find a certain file on the server (where your site is), and to change it a bit.
Let’s start.
Go via FTP or system bar (as you like) to your site running WordPress and check the following file path:
P. S. be Sure to save the original file separately on your hard disk to in case of unforeseen circumstances it back.
Next you need to open in a text editor the file (class-license-manager.php), you can use the handy Notepad++ editor, which we wrote about earlier.
Looking for the code to the following:
// show notice if license is invalid
if ( ! $this->license_is_valid() ) {
if ( $this->get_license_key() == ' ) {
$message = 'Warning! You didn't set your %s license key yet, which means you're missing out on updates and support! Enter your license key or get a license here.';
} else {
$message = 'Warning! Your %s license is inactive which means you're missing out on updates and support! Activate your license or get a license here.';

Delete it…
Save the file class-license-manager.php and check is there any message now (don’t forget about the browser cache which you can clear with CTRL+F5).