Ночной режим / Night mode

Yendif Responsive Menu – adaptive menu system for Joomla, its 3 versions. Allows you to install the module, configure its parameters, and to determine how to display this menu in your project. Easy expansion with minimal effects just made in order to minimize the load on the server and make the pages more values.
Yendif Responsive Menu

What can be said in favor of this application?
First, it looks standard, but still complements your website if it is made in a minimalist form.
Secondly, there are a number of settings that can be fully customized, so you may install it both vertically and horizontally, add the color menu items, submenus, etc.
As for the actual settings, there are separate tabs: display menu, General settings, color top-level menu, the color sub-paragraphs, conclusion in a mobile application.
You can set icons instead of labels, light or dark, the menu width, font size, and put your CSS style if necessary.
Full customization and responsive design.
Simple settings and smart settings menu.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.