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Yandex Wordstat Helper is a unique extension for browsers that helps to facilitate the work of the SEO wizard, as it allows to combine several useful features into one app.
First, if you have ever used such service, as Yandex Wordstat: must have separately tried to copy the keywords, save them separately to a text or any other file, and add similar requests from Yandex. But all these operations took a lot of time, and therefore was developed for this component. Its first purpose is to help webmasters in creating and editing semantic kernel of your website.
So what we have in stock?
Yandex Wordstat Helper
A choice of 2 extensions for the two browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
synchronization between tabs;
automatic sorting alphabetically;
check for duplicates;
up in one click;
a count of the number of words;
add all words in the table;
adding arbitrary words;
notification of any action

Yandex Wordstat Helper

Can also see information on the program AP.KeyGrabber that allows you to collect data about the keywords through the search engine Yandex.