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Yandex vs Google. Part one – epic end!

Яндекс - говнопоисковик №1

Yandex vs Google – why is the article called that? It’s very simple: first there was Google, then Yandex, which currently holds a monopoly in Russia, and therefore it is possible to change the rules of the game, the ranking of search results, and in General, anything. But there is one thing: there is counterpart(s), so I choose Google (the answer why is in this article with detailed explanation). Although it is a pity that Yandex is a parody on a major search engine on a global scale…

So, let’s begin…

1st screenshot – the source of traffic now
As you can see in the image, the traffic comes from Google because Yandex is testing their new technology, and judging by the reviews on famous SEO forums, does this on a regular basis. In the end, your traffic may increase (which is unlikely) or decrease (“mnogovato”).

2nd and 3rd screenshot you can see the indicators Yandex surprise!
What do you mean surprise?
It’s simple: logic Yandex is not enough: popular searches and the traffic on them seems to be as it is, but for other queries it “failed”. A letter to Plato, too, went nowhere, since it is known that to blame a non-existent person can only Yandex (such as the searcher №1 in Russia). Maybe in Russia Yes, but I moved to Google after I learned that Yandex “merges” all the statistics including the Metric to any interested person, a grandmother of course. Counters have long been removed from the Yandex Metrics.

The 4th and 5th screenshot – statistics of search queries
This screenshot clearly shows that Yandex without any evidence, and most importantly, explanations, reduces the number of requests to the site.
Draw your attention to the fact that the Webmaster Yandex did not write about the security of the project, or any violations associated with it, and just once again tested some of his mechanisms… It should be noted that traffic from Google is not only not subsided, but rather increased!!! Who’s the first search engine now? – insights will make each their own…

6th screenshot – information about website

Without comments…

The 7th screenshot is the Google search engine #1 in any country!

The indicators here and now…of Yandex (note for the logic pages and more, there are no apparent discrepancies, and the traffic less).

8th, 9th screenshot – just a little bit of inadequacy.

I think it is important to explain the transition to Google: if Yandex can not clearly say anything in favor of his strategy of pessimization, as an ordinary user to guess about your intentions in the future? The answer is clearly rhetorical. At the same time, I am 100% sure that the position after some time starts to recover, only to have the sense to work with this search engine, if the business is tied not only to Russian users? If the producers In Russia and enjoyed by Yandex…

The last screenshot

Not to be verbose, just give an example of traffic from Google, which is only growing: