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Yandex vs Google. Part two – Stability!

Яндекс vs Google

In the first part of the epic I wrote about the basic criteria for the selection of search engine for people, as well as in detail explained his position on choosing the main competitor for Google. Today will take the decision on the stability of search results in both of the above advertising systems with a description of each of them.
So, we begin…

Stability of search results

Яндекс vs Google

Traffic from Yandex for the last period compared with the previous articles has increased significantly and position rose even higher than its former position, which again speaks of not quite adequate politics of popular Russian search engine-TYPE number 1 in the country (as they themselves modestly positioned).
If you look at the numbers and stability in General, Yandex, on the first screenshot the obvious differences in the ranking like as not. BUT… if you look more carefully and look at the second image, it will become clear that the results of search results +42 positions up means something is clearly wrong…

Яндекс vs Google

Also compared to Google Yandex apparent discrepancy in the search: the results is exactly (+2 and -3 positions), then for some reason plus the left from 6! I, of course, is good, but I understand that if you have arrived somewhere, somewhere departed, so smooth or stable results in the Yandex search difficult to call…


Now imagine a normal situation which can happen to every Internet user.
1 situation: you are a user of Google and found a specific site on the desired theme or just a good product in the online store. Further, a failure has occurred and the computer is turned off or you accidentally close the browser tab or something. Of course, the site you will not be able to find for a given query on the following day, because Yandex considers it less important for example than the competitor, and hence you will not get in search engine results you need a website and need!

2 situation: you are – SEO-schnick or site administrator, or content Manager with the function of an accountant (just kidding), and you need a report on the position of the site for a certain period of time. Of course, for 1-2 days to collect the statistics will be hardly anyone, but the Director of the company. It was a real case, when the panic began, the CEO of the company about the fact that Yandex positions “failed” on the 2-3 positions down, although Google still.
Question: how can we explain such a person, why Yandex doesn’t think like all people (Google), and like Alice in Wonderland (the link is not Hyper on his new creation). WHAT? WHERE? How MUCH? resting…


3 situation: you don’t save or fundamentally, or simply do not know (Yes, there are those people…) bookmarks on the computer/phone/tablet. But… want to see a certain website in search results FOR a PARTICULAR QUERY in Yandex (logical, by the way, desire).
Example: want to see @N@ for request “neighbours from hell”, because this website has the 1 or 2 position in the issuance of Yandex at the moment.
The answer of Yandex on such a desire will be similar to the following: go to ..OPU with their wishes, as we have our own search engine No. 1 in Russia, and you live in this country, so please respect us and our service, which is a leader in gathering all necessary and unnecessary information about every person who keeps cookies (cookies) at home..

Such situations are easy to find, and each of them needs to evaluate not only the notorious search engine and ranking mechanisms, but also logical functions, which, apparently, Yandex is not working!
The choice is up to each of you – if you find in one search that not in another, this does not mean that he is better!