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Why Yandex turbo pages are nonsense

Яндекс Турбо

Today you will find out, if you don’t already know what Turbo pagesreally are. In simple terms, this is your content under the control of the ubiquitous Yandex. But if in detail, you can according to them the unique technology (spisi…Google), which allows you to display your content on mobile devices faster, because the speed of loading on smartphones depends on the traffic and its quality.

Почему Яндекс турбо страницы - это чушь

Traffic quality is speed

In fact, as you know, the technology is not new, and the zealous zeal through Yandex Webmaster to give you Yandex Turbo says a lot – the promotion of your own service, after which time you will no longer be needed, because all the content will be in their hands, and you will personally give it to the paws of the beast.

in Short, all the work that is currently being done on unique and high-quality content can go to hell. The scheme is as follows:

  • You are giving your site up for grabs,
  • the Service shows YOUR content ON its resource, and people who click on links inside documents go to Yandex services again and again and do not visit your sites!
  • in addition, traffic to the site is reduced in place of ads on primitive Yandex Turbo pages, and the download speed now for most users is not dial up!

I have not used Yandex. Metrica for a long time for simple reasons – Yandex merges all information to third parties, as well as to promote its own services. Among other things, they are now quickly implementing this technology so that there are fewer sites in Runet, and all the content is under their control.

Site equals our server

Let’s imagine this situation theoretically : you invest time, money, high-quality content, and at one point, having previously enabled Turbo pages, you get nothing but so-called monetization, which brings you a penny. Also, your site is basically no longer needed, because Yandex has other resources. If your online store operates exclusively in Russia, you can put an end to it if you connect this service from a well-known company.

Now Yandex has realized that many webmasters have already tried the technology, and are clearly dissatisfied with the results, so when you go to Yandex Webmaster, the first thing you will see is pop-UPS, lines at the top with news about how convenient this idea is, and you can’t even imagine what you are giving up! If you type reviews of turbo pages in the search, you can see real reviews of This technology.

Nonsense – since in their right mind no one will just give their work, content into the wrong hands, and everything that Yandex has been implementing recently is related to the information drain. This is why very few people abroad use this search engine, and Yandex. Metrica has already been leaked…< / p>
Почему Яндекс турбо страницы - это чушь

Defining deception

Now let’s go through official data taken from open sources, from documentation on the use and implementation of these pages from Yandex itself.

These pages take about 15 times less time to load than the original pages. The speed is provided by using a layout optimized for mobile devices, as well as by Yandex’s network infrastructure: the data that Turbo pages are collected from is stored on the company’s servers. In search results, news, Zen, and other Yandex services, they are marked with special icons with a rocket.

You can enable Turbo pages in a few simple steps, following the instructions that you will find in the documentation.


As for loading SUCH pages, the download speed depends not only on the minimum number of css files, js, etc., which looks pathetic if you look at YANDEX Turbo pages, but also on the server, the distance of the host, etc. of Course, all the parameters relate to the controversial moments of loading a document on the Internet, but what exactly determines the traffic of your site is the design of the template and the content itself! And the content that Yandex wants to take, offering you instead to leave the template with the design on your server. I don’t know how, but I’m already very annoyed by these feeds of schoolchildren in Yandex Zen and minimalistic design IN Yandex Turbo pages, which makes me think of even worse content. Not everyone should be on Youtube? 15 times faster – are you serious? If you put only 1 css and js, or can you just write text in html? Will you still be 15 times faster? “don’t make me laugh!

It is easy to connect Turbo technology based on their data! It reminded me of a seminar on implementing 1-Bitrix on hosting. It is as easy as a grandmother to set up a php script for her grandson and explain how html layout for commenting differs from php commenting… No comments. If you didn’t enable rss, then get ready to analyze the technology…

Icons with a rocket-Ah…t! This is the best thing you can come up with – because now icons are not only in search results, reviews, etc., but also for turbo pages! Also, comments are unnecessary – suitable for those who like to earn points for free!


So, what are the conclusions?

Just use appropriate solutions, and if you want to lose some or all of the traffic to your site, you can try connecting these Turbo pages to your site.