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Parsing Yandex Maps using ZennoPoster – case No. 1

Парсинг Яндекс Карт через ZennoPoster

Today we will discuss with you the parsing of Yandex Maps through the popular program to automate actions in the browser :Serves:. With this software you can really do almost anything. Our case No. 1 is dedicated to the unique and, most importantly, very fast-gathering organizations and their data from Yandex Maps, and is intended primarily for General information. It can be ordered via the feedback form – contact region of the parsing and key word for gathering information. For example, Moscow – SEO.

Case study # 1
1. The client wants to upload in the format .CSV or .SQL and a set of fields in the table: Name, Address, Reference, Telephone, Time, Photos, Social networks, Metro, Reviews, Description, geo, labor, Parts, Insurance, info, Brands, Sale.
2. We want to reduce the time of parsing and gathering information, to automate as much as possible in the process.

What did we do?

First, the “tightened” API Yandex Maps to the collection of organizations that has allowed us to get them immediately up to 5000!!! Of course, they were much smaller, but the fact that it is possible at once to obtain information about the high number of firms of any region very inspired for further actions…

In the input settings :ZennoPoster: we have specified all the necessary information to get started:

City – in what region parsim organization
Key – key query (with obligatory region),
API_json_count – number output fields (up to 5000!!!),
Row – the beginning of the collection with this number of rows (since there are cases when it is necessary to continue the collection from the beginning),
API_key – the API key for the Yandex Maps.

In addition, we have implemented a data record directly into a table and MYSQL that allowed us not to be distracted by errors and inconsistencies of format .CSV for import and export, and also to show through the website of the finished result, not giving the client the final version (to have the option to pay money to us)…

The results

To recover properly all of the fields had a long and work hard so as Yandex AJAX likes and dislikes of those who parses the text… However, we managed to do it. Special pride are the reviews and image galleries that are included in the table.

The results
Manual collection of information, as we already knew, Yandex Maps is not effective because the data is constantly changing and the number of firms too. So our example using API Yandex Maps clearly shows that there is no need to reinvent the wheel to go…

Also now using this script ZennoPoster you can easily collect other data, for this you need only specify the key word and… a little work on unloading, as not all fields (e.g. comments, photo, etc.) going at once with one query through the API!

If you don’T want to spend the time to manually collect this information, make a request via the feedback form. Be sure to include terms in the required fields and, of course, budget!

Part 2 of the script more advanced.