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Yandex Zen – dumb together

Яндекс Дзен - тупеем вместе

If you don’t know yet, I’ll let you know the news – Yandex is trying to make sure that only their proprietary ( Google) services are used on Runet. One of these is Yandex Zen and its meaning is to read useless (my subjective opinion) materials inside Yandex. Let’s lower the semantic load of such posts – they have almost no logic or connotations, but let’s consider the benefits for a common network user. The previous post about “Bzen”.


That is, for example, you decided to visit a certain resource, which was used for a long time and went not directly, but through the search for Yandex. What we see: the transition to the right site does not happen, and opens a poor design Turbo pages (analogue of Google AMP), where you should flip through the posts. For convenience, I’m not responsible for everyone, but personally I’m not comfortable hiding a page to the required material, but it’s easier to go through a search within the site, for example. But you may not have this function … Instead, Yandex in his service called “Webmaster” is trying to establish the fact that the alleged error is not the installation of turbo-pages on your project, but we know the price of their words …


Come on, the service itself Yandex Zen already discussed all who are not lazy, but it is still used by millions of people, and I will explain why. First of all, we are used to going to the standard Yandex page and scoring everything in the search. And from below we are shown the same Zen tape, which sometimes shows the posts that can be read, but in general – it’s a dump of low-quality materials written by schoolchildren and students at the spear. I have previously discussed why this happens, but I will remind those who have not read my previous post – everything is simple: Yandex pays for contextual advertising (its own service) on Yandex Zen kopecks, and for them are ready to write anybody? – right! students and schoolgirls (judging by the stylistics of the two-timers and tight-headed). And you and I have to read this! And now think, is it worth spending your time on reading meaningless articles written by someone else? The answer is obvious – it is rhetorical!

Yandex Zen is a “creature” of certain people sitting in the office of the company of the same name and trying to make us idiots who sit in the Internet and read stupid texts, periodically looking through ads. All this is equipped with a minimal design (capital letters and monochrome background), the minimum functionality – there is no full-fledged search for articles within the necessary project and much more. Why do you ask all this? Everything is prosaic: you don’t leave Yandex, you sit in one place (your ass) and enjoy life, reading trash materials, or looking through ads of all kinds of ass stores. That is, we have come to the moment when everything is clear to everyone, everyone is dull in front of their eyes, but continue to use this dump… If you want quality content, then do not use Yandex Zen – this is the way to nowhere, where there is no way back. There will be only posts of brainless schollotte, who writes all sorts of nonsense, earning on lollipops. It would be better to go to Toloku their own (also service from the shit resource).

Yandex Zen.

Just let’s have a look at one of the so-called service channels. The number of repetitions of the same word per square millimeter is impressive – “I” sounds from everywhere, as if a person except this personal pronoun of the first person of the singular knows nothing. In addition, the person watches only cartoons on TV (who could it be by age?), although he claims to have reached the age of 30. But the most important thing is 189 likes to this article (if you can call it that) out of 2.5 thousand readings! No comments! And such posts, unfortunately, the majority – without any sense or ideology.

The only thing you can do in this case is just to ignore this Yandex service so that it closes along with other useless chips.