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Why Yandex Zen is a cloaca

Яндекс Дзен

Let’s start with the fact that Yandex does almost everything through one place, and this, of course, affects the final result (purely subjective opinion). Today we will talk not only about why Yandex Zen infuriates its narrow-mindedness in the judgments of stupid scribblers, but why do they write such a mess that it is impossible to read? And most likely all this will lead to the fact that we will become completely stupid together with their “Alice”, which will offer instead of the phrase to go to the toilet, the other-to shit ourselves…

So, I think everyone, without exception, goes to the Yandex site and sees recommendations in the style of minimalism and images with inscriptions. This is the so-called Zen, and your preferences are specified in the system settings. In fact, most of these articles are written by students, school children, and non-professional journalists in order to somehow attract attention to certain topics. There are, of course, serious publications, but as practice shows, they also write not always well, and not professionals in their field.

Headlines in Zen are a separate story that uses techniques that were popular a hundred years ago: in the title of an article, you read about one thing, and when you go to the post itself, you see empty information, or information about something else entirely. After reading 10-20 articles in this way, you understand that there can be nothing worthwhile in them, and this is why: the articles themselves are written by bad people who are ready to attract your attention in any way so that you stay on the page for more time, and Yandex makes a profit by giving out kopecks to performers. Yes, and the ratings of these very performers depend on the so-called reading coefficient, i.e. the longer a person visits a page with a shit-text, the better the post is considered. But, no one took into account 1 significant fact – you can attract users in various ways, including unpopular solutions. It is for this reason (making a profit in a penny equivalent) that shitposts are obtained about nothing, calling for a moral component, and planning to leave comments and your own opinion. Useful content is zero, stupid discussions-100%. Give some examples…

Почему Яндекс Дзен - клоака

The title of the article reads as follows:

Georgina posted new pictures with Ronaldo – one of the couple kissing

Now let’s analyze it: i.e. someone should be interested in the fact that a famous person kisses his girlfriend? Seriously? Who will this information give a reason to think?

OK, click on the link, look at the article itself, maybe there really is something valuable (although who am I kidding…). And so, we see the following picture:

Почему Яндекс Дзен - клоака

And here is the very text of THE entire, BL … t, article!!!:

Georgina Rodriguez, the fiancee of Juventus and Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo, has posted several new photos with her lover. “How lucky I am,” Georgina captioned the photos. One of them shows a couple kissing.

You can imagine that the person who wrote this “article” is so lazy that he can’t write anything else, except that the girl admires her boyfriend… Just fucking kiss each other on camera! No comments! Yes, I forgot, usually attached a photo from a popular social network…

Judge for yourself – you read an article motivated by small things that either someone cheated on someone, threw, gets drunk, rowdy, etc., and at the end of the post you see the inscription: “what do you think about it, write in the comments”. I.e., a challenge to your opinion about useless content, supported by a well-known name in the title.

But the most annoying thing is that they write custom articles so clumsily that you want to immediately close the post and put a ban/dislike. This has been going on for a long time, so I hope smart people will pass by this cloaca that releases shit in large portions. And would-be writers will not only write, but at least read a little… but not themselves, of course!

Well, maybe we won’t judge strictly by one post. Let’s see what else is” interesting ” about DZen.

Почему Яндекс Дзен - клоака

The title is:

How much did we pay for a family vacation at the five star Radisson hotel in Sochi

It seems that everything should be clear here, but after going to the post itself, there is no strength to read it, because it is just a stream of letters… I especially liked the fact that this is not a promotional article about the hotel – no, of course, given that the name of the hotel is repeated numerous times during a small piece of text! The narration itself is conducted as if it were selected pieces of text and inserted in a chaotic order – the semantic load is present, but the style is like that of Jamshut from “Our Rasha”. In addition, all hotel names are written without quotation marks for some reason – this is correct, right?

Почему Яндекс Дзен - клоака

I especially want to “praise” the narrator for what she says first about one thing, then immediately switches to another topic, and then goes the third way (just like in schizophrenics). Let me explain what I mean: the text first goes about one person and time, then about another person and another period, and finally, a completely different story with a continuation… If you briefly retell the style of writing, it looks like this for her:

we made a reservation back in April

made a reservation my mother-in-law, who wanted to relax with her grandson in Sochi in June

mother-in-law moved the reservation to August

Почему Яндекс Дзен - клоака

This immediately begs the question: why should people even know your vicissitudes with your mother-in-law, and who, what exactly when ordered? Does this somehow affect the choice of a specific location, or the storyline, with … ka, line??? The answer is rhetorical!

In short, after reading to the end of the post (long and tedious…) I did not understand the connection of her relatives with the General meaning of the article, and in General, what was all this written for (especially if, according to the” writer”, she does not advertise hotels?).

Почему Яндекс Дзен - клоака

There is a button- block the channel – try it! After all, the less such shit is in the network, the more there will be adequate authors who do not give a shit about their subscribers, readers, etc. And Yandex Zen is now bypassed, because it is impossible to read!

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