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For Joomla there are many plugins but with redirecting domain, things are not so smooth. Today we look at 2 of them which can rightly be considered the most valuable of its kind is aiRedirectWww and Domain redirect.

www редирект

In one of the previous lessons I have talked about how you can manually redirect your domain to www or without it, but this method, unfortunately, is not suitable for all sites, for obvious reasons.
As for our components, the most successful can be considered a Domain redirect, as it fully configures your domain so that you do not have any more questions about the duplicate pages of your project.
If you take the plugin aiRedirectWww,the not so obvious. First, it does not always work correctly in certain templates. Secondly, the settings a little less, that gives him the advantage.
In General, you must have a redirect to www domain without it with one of these extensions. And what better to choose – this question is left to your discretion.
The ability to set a domain redirection to www and without it.
Download automatic by using the plugin.
No need to edit the file .htaccess.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.