Photoshop lessons

Working space in Photoshop

Let’s analyze one of the main features of the program Photoshop her workspace. It allows you to customize the toolbar to which you have constant access.
Рабочее пространство в Фотошоп

First we need to understand how the working space in Photoshop.
First, all the settings in this panel are right at the top of the main window. Here you can directly set any of the created or loaded the default spaces.
For example, we are interested in the 3D panel for processing three-dimensional model. To do this, select the appropriate item from the menu. After selecting the item, we will see that the display of our toolbar has changed.
Below are all the standard toolbar, which by default are present in the program:
Some panels have several display properties: as above, so below, for example, the workspace of the animation.
Besides, you can always either create or delete a new space, saving the settings as it is not always convenient to adjust every time the settings panel.