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WordPress ReCaptcha Integration – integration of captcha system


reCaptcha is a plugin for integration into the system WorsPress for authorization, recording, review, component :Ninja Forms: and :Woocommerce:.
WordPress ReCaptcha Integration

Paste in your own blog a captcha that will protect you from the many spam. It also supports the option to disable captcha, as well as the inclusion of legacy versions of reCaptcha.
There is integration for various forms among which are :Ninja Forms: the form of review, authorization, and registration of the website and API plugin for embedding third-party solutions.
Key features:
Secure login and registration, comment with this component.
Support legacy and new reCaptcha.
Works together with
A few sites
:WooCommerce (checkout, registration and authorization. There is no password reset)
:Ninja Forms:
For integration into custom feedback forms see the documentation on the website of the manufacturer of the plugin.
You can include options for both single and multiple sites. Activation for 1 the website operates in the same mode. When activated on the network, enter the API key in the admin panel (the webmaster can rewrite the key on your own domain).
You cannot use more than 1 old style reCaptcha on the page. This restriction was made by the service. You can use a form without captcha.
Also, without captcha requires client-side JavaScript scripts. If the visitor is not enabled JS in the browser, then the captcha will not be solved.
Component :Contact Form 7: when reCaptcha is turned off (e.g., authorized users) will remain on the input field. This happens because of the structure of short codes and can’t be fixed.


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