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WordPress Language – auto language selection

WordPress Language

Launch localized websites in WordPress easily and quickly. Select the desired language from the list and it will automatically change for all the labels.

WordPress Language

This plugin is called WordPress Language will allow you to easily and quickly launch the websites on the popular content management system in the target language. It will change language of WordPress site without extra settings file transfer or editing PHP code.

Main functions:


Adding language switcher in admin panel
Automatic download and installation of the file correct .mo
Helps to choose the necessary variant from many countries
Equipped with the updated “one-click” with the available translations

How the extension works:

WordPress Language uses an online index of current translation files for WordPress. It includes input data for each version of the system, the language and the choice of the country.
When you switch language, the plugin checks for the best translation file, and then downloads the translations, scans them and stores the translations in the database.
You need to install the files .mo or edit wp-config.php to switch languages.

Need a multilingual site?

If you need multilingual website, then try WPML . You can run multiple languages on one site from 1 database. Now to run a multilingual website has become much easier and more efficiently.


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