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WordPress or Joomla – what to choose when creating a website?

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In our article we examine the most popular platforms or CMS system, which is designed to create a full website with many different features. Among these by far are 2 CMS systems – Joomla and WordPress. They are, as you figured, got its share of popularity due to its ease of use, huge number of both paid and free add-ons and also versatility, database support and free distribution.
Wordpress или Joomla

Let’s connect all the main pros and cons of these platforms and make a table.

CMS MYSQL Бесплатная Управление SEO
Joomla + + + +
WordPress + + + +

As the table shows, almost all functions of the systems are similar, and understand a newcomer not possible. We will try to guide users and to make the selection task more understandable.
So, what is the difference between WordPress and Joomla?
First, WordPress is meant mostly for creating blogs and websites, as it is very easy to setup and with the necessary knowledge will be a powerful tool for further development. Joomla can be used for the organization of directories, blogs, and more sophisticated resources.
Online shopping
If you compare these 2 systems, to create a full-fledged online store, none of the presented CMS is not suitable. In extreme cases it is better to use WooCommerce for WordPress, as this platform is more suitable for online sales. Of course, you can make a directory with the basket, but most of such functions as communication with the 1S, export and import of goods and many other options will be unavailable or limited.
Internal code
To understand the code and structure of each system, you will need some time – without this there is no escape. Here it is possible long and hard to argue which one is better, but one thing is clear – without the knowledge of HTML and CSS, and the basics of building websites you will be difficult, of course, if you are not satisfied with the basic functionality and a standard template.
So tip one – gain experience, and see for yourself what is best for each of you!
Experience creating websites
From personal experience I can definitely note that for blogs it is better to use WordPress due to its versatility, speed and ease of code execution. If you need not just a blog, and beautiful, not like all templates website, use Joomla. Also pay attention to possible “glitches” and malfunctions that each of webmasters faced during creation of sites. It may be the usual incompatibility of the plugins or their incompatibility with the specific version of CMS, as well as viruses and bad code when downloading paid extensions and add-ons from unknown sources.
The best way to build a great website – it is the experience of other people, so ask their friends and all others who have used these CMS.