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As a Preface
Today, the WordPress platform highly popular. The developers actively use when running customer orders and when creating plugins, themes. You can easily find a guide to setting up WordPress API in the public domain.

If everything works, then this does not indicate that the task has been performed correctly. It is possible that the developer worked inefficiently. This is especially true of topics and sections. This guide is intended in order to solve this problem. Thus, a situation where the source codes are in the public domain. All use them, not realizing that making the same mistakes.

WordPress API

Primary you need to figure out how to use the Settings API. If you want to learn the WordPress platform, then you need to start from scratch.
What is the Settings API?
Speaking in plain language, it is all the functionality that allows you to create pages, sections, set themes and so on. In General, to do all for development of the resource.

Why should I use this tool?

Primary you will like the intuitive interface, which will be able to understand even a beginner. In addition, you will be able to perform a wide range of actions.
The interaction with the nucleus
Settings API created by the developers of WordPress to facilitate the creation of extensions. Therefore, it is logical and utilizing the functions provided by this API.

Naturally, it is possible to abandon this tool and the method of greatest resistance, to develop its functionality, and no one will be able to prevent it, but it will require more work and fraught with failure to comply with the advice of the team of creators of the WordPress core that eventually may lead to serious errors.

Application tool created by developers for developers, guarantee that you will interact with the core properly, you will avoid mistakes.
Free features
The application Settings API is not the usual guarantee that development will happen the right way. Also you will be assured that the interface will follow the style of the platform, and the information will be processed by tools similar to those used in the WordPress. Also this can save you a lot of extra time.

When you create your own interfaces on the same principles used in WordPress and will use this tool on a regular basis, your design will be integrated with the CMS platform. As you can see, the pros enough.