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It is important to understand exactly what is file WordPress API is an Interface for application programming. It is customary to group software functions into sections according to their purpose:

the console interface
API for the database
API http
API file headers
interface to file system
interface for metadata
interface parameters
API for plugins
the editor interface tags
API for URL rewriting
API for macro codes
API settings the
interface for widgets.

These standard interfaces are designed to ensure the operation of the sites or its improvement. Their use is especially important for large-volume data sites that have a complex multilevel structure. No one multifunctional “great” website is not intended to dispense with the use of these interfaces.
And note that if you need to extend the capabilities of your website or improve its performance, for example, to make it faster – use standard interfaces and functions. Standard interfaces already debugged to trifles and allow software modules and functions well joined, which allows you to increase the speed of the finished site and make it more logical and intuitive for users.

For example, the interface for the settings, allows developers to customize and add settings section “appearance → Settings” in the admin panel. The configuration module allows the site administrator to edit any theme settings, color, widgets, and simultaneously view the changes.
Site administration requires basic programming knowledge, and standard interfaces and software features significantly simplify and accelerate the customization or the necessary revision sites.

Setup guide

Setting up the site is better performed in the following sequence:

Review the basic fundamentals of interfaces and software functions you want to use for your website, do not write them until you understand how they will work on your website.
Consider your overall work plan of your website and what additional functions, plugins and modules he really needs to accomplish site objectives. It is important not to overload the website with unnecessary modules, it will slow down his work, and with a large influx of users in the event of its popularity, it may start to fail.
First, select and customize the overall appearance of the theme of your website, then go to the detailed settings of the website.
Practical configuration of the site – add plug-ins and any software modules very carefully and gradually. Not understanding and not debug one function or plugin, do not add the next, otherwise there will be a layering errors and deal with them, then it will be quite difficult.

Compliance, it would seem that this simple and obvious sequence of actions when customizing the site, will help you avoid simple mistakes. And the errors in the settings and programming can significantly increase the effort and time required to develop and edit the website.
Basic setup guide helps you do it wisely and in stages. If just to observe it, the site setup will be easy and fast, will bring you complete satisfaction with your work.