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Is the downloadable plug-in for security among other things presented on the website download components. Wordfence verifies it does not become infected with your project, and compares the original code supplied by an official developer, WordPress CMS, and the original code that is present at the moment on the website. In addition, the extension keeps your property in a safe condition and makes it up to 50 times faster.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is completely free and is open source. Also, of course, there’s the premium version, API key, which gives you support from the developer, blocking certain countries, the scheduled scan and even check your own IP addresses for the presence Spamvertize. You can always upgrade to a premium account from a free in the administrative panel of the website.
The official documentation for this platinum available on docs.wordfence.com and answers to frequently asked questions on it. At the moment there are active support forums if you are a user of free version.
This is a short explanation to the plugin Wordfence:
The extension can operate on multiple resources, including mobile devices that are typically used for hacking and attacks.
The main features of this plugin
Lock in real-time from unknown sources. The site is available to users.
Removal of suspicious networks, including advanced settings IP and domain WHOIS service to report on these options, and block entire networks using the firewall. A report about potential threats is sent to the site administrator.
Limiting or blocking based on the behavior of aggressive robots, spiders, bots that scan your website for possible vulnerabilities.
The choice – or not to block unwanted users and robots who break safety rules.
Premium users can also block countries and run the scheduled scan as many times as necessary and with the required frequency.
Security login authentication with a password and the phone definitely enhances the safety. This is called two-factor authentication and is used by banks, government and military for the highest security. It is possible to improve by using complex passwords for administrators, copywriters and users themselves.
Check out how complex the passwords for users and administrator to process them.
Safe scanning – the HeartBleed vulnerability included a free scan for all users. The handling of files, themes and plugins and their versions for a compatibility check. View how much files now. An optional function is the correction of the threats. Scanning includes more than 44 thousand variants of known threats. Including scan function on the phishing URL, including a list of safe surfing from Google in your comments, posts, files. Removal Trojans, suspicious code and other things.
WordPress firewall includes a locking key threats such as Googlebots, botnets and hackers.
Monitoring functions – control over the amount of traffic in real time, including people, robots, 404 errors, inputs and outputs, as well as those who are viewing your content. A real-time view of all traffic including automated bots that often threaten the security of the site. This type of traffic includes reverse DNS and geolocation. Find out where there is dangerous traffic, or to monitor changes in DNS records, as well as free space on the disk because many DDoS attacks attempt to fill it in order to overload the servers.
The security of several sites – also scans all posts, comments on all the blogs through one admin panel.
The caching function includes Falcon engine, the fastest service currently available. It is one of the most popular due to the reduction of data on a web server, and minimum activity to the database.
Wordfence includes 2 modes of caching for compatibility and control function with the ability to clear cache, and view its usage.
IPv6 compatibility – includes the location, locking, and security options.
Support the main themes and plugins – themes with WooCommerce basic plug-ins.