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WooCommerce is a component of the sales for eCommerce in WordPress

WooCommerce - компонент для eCommerce в WordPress

WooCommerce – a powerful, extensible e-Commerce to your website. A plugin that can do everything, and perfectly copes with it.

WooCommerce is a completely free plug-in implementation of e-Commerce, which allows you to sell anything. Painlessly integrates in CMS WordPress and is a solution that gives you full control over the contents of both developers and project administrators.
Endless flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions made WooCommerce a unique component that is used in 30% of all online shops – more than any other platform.
Sell anything, anywhere
With this component you can sell both digital goods and physical in all possible sizes and shapes, offer variations of products, to set multiple configurations and upload documents to sellers, and even sell products from partners ‘ online platforms.
With the premium extension you can make orders, take subscriptions, and to support the user community. It is also possible to install a paid monthly subscription to the products, or to offer site visitors a discount on digital content.
Deliver the goods wherever you want
Offer free shipping, the calculators in real time and much more. In the plugin settings there is a special restriction on shipping to certain countries but you can sell the product worldwide.
Advanced payment options
This component comes with the ability to pay by credit card, PayPal, through Bank transfer, also supported the payment in cash and on delivery. Need more options? More than 140 of the region dependent ways of payment, including Amazon, Authorize.Net, WebMoney and others.
Control all the elements forever
WooCommerce gives you the ability to manage your store in full, from tax and inventory levels in the warehouse to user accounts, etc. Add their own extensions, modify the design, switch the settings as you like. All options are at hand.
The most common risk of using the eCommerce platform, which is located in the cloud or on your hosting is that you don’t protect yourself from accidental or deliberate attempts to close the store. Also if something happens with a provider, you will not be able to quickly restore their own marketing website. With WooCommerce plugin you have full control over the site, so there is no reason to worry. Data belong to you, they are kept safe.
Create your own style with Storefront
It is totally free theme for WordPress available in the app store WooCommerce. Interacting with the component, this version of the design gives the priority to the responsiveness of the server while the plugin handles updates.
You can put your own style or choose from several options proposed Storefront.
The options for developers
Expandable, active and open source in – all it is WooCommerce, which was and is a good engine, safe to operate.
Built on the REST API, the solution can integrate with any virtual service. Therefore, stored data is accessible anywhere, anytime, with a 100% guarantee. Developers can easily create, edit, and create a store that will be suitable for you.
No matter what size data you store, or plan to introduce in the draft, WooCommerce meets the necessary requirements. More than 300 different supplements will help you to create your own resource which will satisfy the requirements of customers.
The set of applications
WordPress itself is already a gorgeous set of extensions, especially when it comes to the implementation of WooCommerce, and contains such of them as:
PDF Invoices and Packing Slips
New Product Badges
Google Analytics
Affiliates Integration Light
Table Rate Shipping
Product CSV Import Suite
Dynamic Pricing
There are a huge number of both paid and free plugins for WooCommerce, so you can customize your online store properly.
Join the community
When you download the component, you automatically become a member of the community, which has more than a million active users of online shops.
Also if you need a new translation for your language, you can apply for dedicated resource translate.wordpress.org.


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