Photoshop lessons

Whiten teeth in Photoshop

Often you need to whiten teeth on pictures, because the teeth in the image are usually not white, but yellow. 🙂 How to do it in the program Adobe Photoshop will be described in this article.
Open the image in Photoshop and go to the toolbar, take the tool and tracing his lips on your photo.
Now click on the keyboard Ctrl+J – this key combination will create a duplicate of the selection.
Go to menu photoshop Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation and put in the parameters for the yellow color of the following settings:
poligonal lasso tool
The settings may be slightly correct – it all depends on your specific pictures and the quality of the teeth of the ward 😉
Now, in General, and the finished composition. It is only necessary to remove unnecessary details by selecting the Eraser Tool to remove the top layer of the lips unwanted items. Now merge the layers together and save it to the file Layer-Merge Visible, File-Save As.
That’s what I got:
Отбелить зубы в Фотошоп