How to choose a restaurant for wedding

Как выбрать ресторан для свадьбы

Regardless of the tasks associated with the selection of restaurant or cafe for a wedding, you need to consider many factors. About them will be discussed in this article.
Как выбрать ресторан для свадьбы

Firstly, a huge role is played by the location of the property, namely:
Convenient access (especially when the weather is not very good, or walk in the rain to the car not very nice).
Secure Parking (cars will be a lot and need a place to put them).
Clean and easy entrance to the cafe (on the black ladders is not particularly flattering to walk).
Appearance and grounds (must be clean).
Go to the main criteria for the selection of cafes. This is the interior of the restaurant and its interior view.
Looks like a Banquet hall? To this point include: layout, lighting, placement of tables. It is also important – whether they move at your discretion as a table, with the table, to pay attention to cleanliness, the absence of columns in the hall (so that seated guests don’t feel uncomfortable, because it can be shielded from the rest of the celebrating).
Guard or doorman – visual check of the guests for the presence of outsiders, or by invitation only.
Acoustics. If a very strong acoustics or a large area of the Banquet hall, the words can be posted by the echoes, and to understand something will be difficult not only for the bride and groom, but also the host of the feast.
Separate entrance – not the entrance hall, isolation (including good soundproofing) from the neighboring banquets. Very often two weddings trying to drown each other with joyful cries of “Bitter” and music. The distance from the kitchen (the aromas of food being prepared may not always be good).
The decoration of the Banquet hall (there should be a special Banquet decoration – tablecloths, napkins, etc.). For any decorating and design they charge you (take money for “special” tablecloths and napkins, or for external decoration of the hall – tape, making chairs and tables). To clarify and verify this clause in the contract (especially the color of the decorations can be made in that style).
Is it possible to decorate the Banquet hall? What firms (tested!) they work, and what is included (balloons, flowers, etc.).
Number of seats in the Banquet hall. It is necessary to choose a Banquet hall for a larger number of people that guests could freely move around on it, to dance etc.
Is it possible to visit on your own before the next celebration, Banquet hall (to see how it looks decorated, to look at the lighting (especially in the evening, not to sit in a dark room), as are the waiters, to communicate with guests or parents of the newlyweds, who were celebrating a wedding in this cafe or restaurant is to find out the pros and cons, ask for contact telephone number)
Is it possible to blow bubbles, holding fireworks, firecrackers, firecrackers and other specific attributes? In this case, cleaning of the Banquet room is possible at an extra cost or not?
In the contract note for the item “property damage” (in which cases it occurs, the value of “compensation” for acts of vandalism to your guests). A separate account for the broken dishes and conflict menu. The expense in the end for the Banquet can grow two to three times, if you do not discuss this point in advance with the administrator of the institution. Not slippery floor (drunken guests in the fall to injury).
The presence of the wardrobe (to see his work, take a service charge for the duration of the entire Banquet, or to a certain hour), a child’s room (if there is staff that takes care of the children, availability of toys, or you must bring with you), designated Smoking area (street or private room – is there an ashtray if it’s clear), toilet (to see the status and availability of all components – soap, toilet paper). The location of the toilet relative to the Banquet hall (to adjacent premises, guests are not passed through your Banquet hall). Agree that unpleasant, if a nearby wedding through your hall will go smoke a bevy of tipsy guests.
Look at the dance floor (lighting design beams, lighting equipment), its condition (is it in stock music sound systems, LCD screen, projector for slideshows, karaoke, is there some microphones, so that guests can sing along, the cost of rent, to clarify whether it is possible to bring in external digital media your music – which of them sees the instrument, whether it’s for a fee).
The availability of rooms for changing and preparation of Toastmasters and guests participating in contests. Is there a separate place for the DJ or musician? They have live music, their dance groups and live entertainment?
What kind of professionals they work most often (learn the opinion of the administrator about the quality of work of these persons, as well as the possibility of inviting a third-party video operator, photographer, toastmaster).
One of the most important components while choosing a Banquet hall is also a staff of the institution.
The appearance of the waiters, their professional qualities (manner of communication, speed of service, quality of work).
Chef (to meet, to know your name, to tell their wishes and preferences in food, whether he work the day of the Banquet (may be several).
Administrator (find out name, contact phone number, to evaluate the appearance, communication, to try to get in touch). In person take notes in Notepad, or to record from the recorder is a very disciplinarum the source, the administrator many times think before something to say, and will answer for every word!), pay attention to how he behaves: friendly and sympathetic, or without interest; telling me every detail, or omits the necessary things.
Find out what offers bonuses restaurant/café: cake, loaf, free dinner for an anniversary, Bridal Suite, discount card for future visits.
Now let’s discuss the Banquet menu, which offers institution.
To see the menu (ask for print to take with you), to assess the value, to check whether menu, tea, coffee, water, drinks (to then separately did not have to pay for these services, or ask if you can bring your own food).
The cost to figure out the calculation of the actual number of guests or capacity of the hall. To find out whether the rent for him, until what time a restaurant is whether the extension of the Banquet (how much it will cost). To discuss in advance – whether it is to pay to the waiter or the administrator, as there may be cases of extortion on the part of the waiters. What is the minimum amount to close the school for Your celebration? What is the % service charge (single payment for their labor or are included in the price). Here are any tips, or all of a certain amount will have to give, regardless of the desires and the quickness of the waiters? The number of waiters serving a feast. Ideally, when a waiter serves 8-10 guests. There may be cases when a guest has eaten hot and the other has not yet started.
Is there a “cork” fee? Interestingly, in some restaurants, this collection comes with the bottle. But there are bottles and 0.5 and 5 liters. Then you can count. And does it make sense to bring your own alcohol, if the price is almost the same, can I bring alcoholic beverages, water, juices, tea, coffee, fruit, snacks, any products (whether there are restrictions, and in what quantity? Sometimes you have to order the part mentioned above that they were allowed to bring their (then in what proportions).
To clarify the method of control over alcohol (the alcohol part of the “pocket” the institution itself). Exit options: 1. Staging table for alcohol in the hall, where are exhibited all drinks where officialtiesto take as needed. 2. Previously discussed with the institution: imported alcohol (to obtain a receipt for such quantity of such alcohol). Then after the Banquet part of the liquor You give (that was closed), and the empty bottles and those that are open but not drunk, show Your representative – father, mother or you yourself (the candidate to discuss in advance with the administrator and time of the meeting on the day following the holiday).
How many hours before the holiday to set the table, and when hot meals are served. That will be ready for the arrival of guests and how many. What is the output portions. One restaurant is 120 grams, and in another all 300. Here, too, must be considered, people will not eat 1.5 kgs of food, but and 0.5 not feed him. As a rule, eat only the first 10 minutes, then more drinking. Therefore, it is better to include in the menu several snacks. Number of servings (meats, salads) is calculated from the weight of one menu, for example a portion of 100 g in the Banquet option, you can take two 150 g – for three. There are a La carte hot appetizers, like Julien, they are ordered based on the number of guests. It is best to organize the table in a few changes of dishes – the more innings, the more runs the Banquet. How often change the dishes (be sure to discuss this point, and it may be that the cake laid out in plates with the remnants of hot). Serves salads, a La carte or in bulk (in the bowls). When the bulk goes way more economical – each takes as he wants, or not answering at all, but a portion are more beautiful. Bottled drinks and alcohol, or self (in this case part of the alcohol is on the tables). Containers for products in stock and the price, otherwise the usual plastic container can cost 100 rubles, and 6 cookies 600, or to bring with you (then you can eat and on the second day, and head “ache” is not to prepare on the second day guests).
Actually, the Banquet should include the following questions:
You should discuss the arrangement of tables to the most convenient Seating arrangements. If the wedding is small enough, G – or U-shaped arrangement of the tables, it will unite people, not to be so boring. In advance ask at reception about the Seating arrangement by default. You can also draw a schematic, to prepare plates and set them on the table, not to get that more “penetrating” the guests didn’t sit with the bride/groom, parents and close relatives somewhere in the end of the table. To assign controller to move the plate.
At what time you can start the decoration of the hall? The hour will begin to lay the table? The order of serving dishes. How strictly enforced the agreed time (make a routine of lunch, and give it to the responsible guest to controlled)
What is the order of arrangement, if alcohol and your drinks. When you bring them in, and as reports on their restaurant? Is there a separate place for food storage such as refrigerators.
To organize the reception before the Banquet, or to do without it. Is it possible to bring your own food for a buffet? Who will set the buffet, is it all in the already agreed amount, or must pay separately?
Cake – is there a table for him, stand (for a separate charge or included in the price)? When they submit? Is there a refrigerator to store tortkara? They only work with their vendors of cakes or can be ordered separately? Design a sweet table with cake (do they have a separate table on wheels, or they make it completely or slices in plates on the tray, is there a special knife).
Tea, coffee. How much is a Cup are included in a menu who will drink, the amount of the invoice is real. Slide champagne – is there such a service and whether it is necessary. Does the restaurant dishes for this purpose, and to ensure that filled him AFTER the arrival of young, and not BEFORE.
Until what hour of the Banquet. Possible bonus watch or a separate charge? Another incidentals: refreshments wedding team. Before signing the contract to make sure that we don’t have to serve the musicians and master of ceremonies the same food, which is designed for guests. Otherwise you’ll have to pay 20 extra mouths to feed. If the wedding team is small and you don’t want to offend someone, it is possible for them to choose less expensive (but same abundant) menu. Pre-warn the chef about the exact number of musicians you need to feed (don’t forget the assistants of the photographer and the people serving musical group).
Move to the last phase.
When you make the order and make the payment (how many days before the wedding, what parts). Be sure to take a receipt of prepayment.
Do I need a Deposit for a booking or must immediately pay the full amount? The fixation of the final account (because prices change, and your score can change in 2 months, you need the guarantee).
Check the contract date of party, time from-to, number of servers, amount, stamped and signed by the Manager.
The timing of the final payment for the Banquet. Preferably a certain amount to pay on the last day, to guarantee unproblematic.
In case of refusal of the Banquet which the prepayment amount will return and for how many days. To take the “Banquet proposal” which stated price and yield dishes. Then the testimony has not changed. Salad in a shared room can cost twice cheaper and the portion is three times more Banquet. The difference should not be! Ask the receptionist/waiter restaurant business cards with the address and directions for guests.
So, to sum up and draw conclusions:
Read the reviews and remarks about our restaurant on the forum. Pay attention to dates of messages, because some of them may be outdated.
When decide on 2-3 main contenders, go there as ordinary visitors. Try the kitchen and check out the work and friendliness of the staff. You may also be interested to visit the restaurant that day when there will be another Banquet.
I want to recommend to choose a restaurant, which is located near or on the green area near the pond. This will in the event something new, some zest. And if the summer wedding, then this option will allow the restaurant not only to the guests gasp in a stuffy room, but to do scenic shots, and spend not a boring ceremony in a registry office-restaurant-Banquet.

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