Statement of the wedding dance

How to put wedding dance is one of the most important elements of the wedding as it is the main and first dance of the bride and groom.

Свадебный танец

You can prepare a very effective song for your wedding dance, funny and romantic melody. It all depends on your imagination.
One of the most common movements is the formulation of a dynamic dance to the lively melody, along with the layout of views in the beginning, where the bride and groom dancing together in the rhythm of waltz.

Also very popular is the formulation of a passionate tango, slow and inspired by the Cuban Rumba, romantic and beautiful bachata and salsa.
But still, what would You decide with the choice of music and a genre of performance, staging room, followed by dressing up in different costumes is probably one of the most difficult tricks at the wedding, and also, perhaps, the most spectacular.
In addition, each nation has its own customs, so on such weddings usually newlyweds trying to make an original course to make the staging of Oriental dance or belly dance.
The following are examples of how to put a wedding dance with a choreographer.