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How to create a watermark in Photoshop we told you in one of your previous lessons. Now the turn has come to install it using a special plugin called Watermark for JoomShopping in Joomla, or to be more precise, the component JoomShopping.
как создать водяной знак в Фотошоп мы рассказывали в одном из своих прошлых уроков. Теперь очередь настала установить его при помощи специального плагина под названием Watermark for JoomShopping в систему CMS Joomla, а если быть более точным, то в компонент JoomShopping.

Watermark for JoomShopping

For JoomShopping Watermark – is a plugin with which you can put a watermark on photos in the store of his website, and it automatically sets any image without requiring additional steps.
The extension adds another image on top of the other image on all products in JoomShopping it is recorded in the system. Install the plugin runs in the standard scenario from the plugin Manager.
After installation you must enable the extension and activate it settings. In order to specify a watermark, you need to load it via the plugin menu.
The possibility of installing a watermark automatically when you create a new image.
The standard procedure for installing the extension.
Quick setup.