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The Warp tool in Photoshop – warp in Photoshop

Tool Warp allows you to perform many actions in Adobe Photoshop. For example, you need to fix the wheel size of the car, or to give the necessary form the desired object in the image – all this can be done by using the unique tool, and its varieties. We will discuss in today’s lesson function of the curvature or deformation in Photoshop.

Инструмент Warp в Photoshop

So, in order for us to determine how effective this tool, let’s take the image with an old tape recorder “Olymp”. Next, create a duplicate layer by pressing CTRL + J.
Now with the help of another tool – Elliptical Marquee Tool select one of the spools to it later to edit.
Now again press CTRL + J to put the selected just the coil on a new layer. It can slightly move with the arrow keys on the keyboard to the right or to the left for clarity.
To turn on the warp tool, we need to go to menu Edit-Transform-Warp, or simply press CTRL + T and choose the appropriate context menu item.
When you select this tool, you should have additional guides to help you to produce curvature of the object.
The picture shows the red arrows showing the guides with which you need to deal with. There are also additional guides inside the object in a grid – you can bend them in any direction and watch the result of your actions.
Application settings happens when you press ENTER, or using the checkboxes at the top of the screen (in the settings panel of the instrument).
I added another copy of the coil by pressing the ALT key and drag the original copy of the object. Then put the generated coil on top of the original.
You can remove one of them and leave only the first copy.
Deformation, or warping works like this: you select the object, then ruled by its shape and retain. Everything is simple!