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W3 Total Cache – caching of WordPress pages


Stands for this plugin as “optimizing web performance” – Easy Web Performance Optimization, or abbreviated (WPO). Used in the component caching and its support in browser pages, databases, and content compression and CDN support. A special engine was designed to improve site speed and increase the time of user visits. It is highly recommended by famous sites such as Host Gator, MediaTemple and others.
W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache really improves the user experience by increasing the speed of the response from the server, reducing the load on it, as well as reducing the boot time, there is integration with CDN.
Key features of the plugin:
At least a tenfold increase in site performance evaluation of online services such as Google Page Speed and power of A statistics YSlow. This means that the conversion rate will increase, and the quality of the code will affect search rankings. It should also be noted consecutive page views that are optimized under the effect of the browser caching: now download of documents is much faster. The visitors spend more time on the project and the server is not overloaded with unnecessary queries from the outside. Up to 80% of the traffic is maintained through data compression and compression of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Work with virtual and dedicated server
Support for mobile devices
Correct caching of pages that are divided into groups
File compression and CDN
Compression third-party CSS styles
Support cache browser


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