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Today I will tell how to withdraw the money on the card Letyshops! Or rather, as I already did it 1 time, having accumulated the minimum withdrawal amount is 500 rubles. But all in good time…

Principle of operation

To understand the cashback, it is not very difficult, it’s very simple:

  • you are register in programm;
  • the program tracks the path of purchase, from its inception to its receipt by the final consumer;
  • you for these actions are rewarded, which may increase (the more you buy, the greater the rate of return from purchase);


What are the advantages of such a system?

  • you get loyalty from a store, service, etc. for future purchases;
  • accumulate the amount you can cash out and withdraw in real rubles;
  • don’t shop offline to purchase the product;

More to the point – withdrawals / cashback!


To bring a minimum amount of 500 rubles, you will need a card (which is very convenient and fast), or the phone, or Yandex Money, etc.
For this you need to first spend money in online stores, then check whether reached the money to them to track cashback and enjoy the result.
As you can see on the following screenshot, I received the first “tranche” in the amount of 529 rubles.


The results

You can spend the money wisely – just register here, and get the rewards with online purchases!