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Choice glossy paper for home use

Выбор глянцевой бумаги для домашнего использования

For an objective evaluation of the quality of paper intended for home use, you need to know about some of the most important criteria. Choosing such kind of consumables for printers, glossy photo paper, to consider the indicators that will be discussed below in the article.
глянцевая фотобумага, учитываются показатели, которые будут рассмотрены ниже в статье.


The quality dependence of the number of layers and density of paper
Modern types of paper for printing photos are the complicated structure of the material. It can be compared to a layered cake. The structure of different types may have different number of layers (from two to five and more), each of which performs its function:
multiple polymer layers serving as a barrier to the coloring compositions;
the basis of paper;
absorbent coating;
the layer of synthetic material which prevents twisting of the material, as in the print, and after it.
I must say, the number of layers in the photo paper directly affects the quality. So, the more, the more expensive and higher quality material.
The density, expressed in grams per square meter, should be sufficient to ensure that the image quality came out. If this indicator is low (less than 150 g/m2), the picture will turn out deformed and there is a risk of transfer of dye to the back side of the material. Therefore, to obtain a good photo is better to buy the photo paper with density from 160 to 3000 g/m2.
The brightness and whiteness of the material
The criterion brightness is expressed numerically from zero to one hundred. For high quality photos you need to choose a material with an index of relative brightness from ninety units. And the degree of whiteness is determined visually by comparing several kinds of sheets among themselves.
Choose size
Regarding the characteristics of the paper for pictures you can tell that everything here is purely individual. For different purposes require different sizes of sheets. As a rule, to create a common standard photos for home printers selected sheets A6 size (10 15 cm) and A4 (21 by 29.7 cm).
What else to pay attention?
If you want to get a quality result, you need when choosing the paper to pay attention to pH. It must be specified on the packaging of the product. This criterion shows the presence of various acid additives origin. For high quality images, you need to choose the material with pH – neutral. If the pH is high, the image will be short-lived, as this paper has the ability to eventually self-destruct.
Regarding resolution, measured in dots per inch (dpi), the higher it is, the better will be displayed on the image fine details. Considered a high resolution from 5760 dpi and more that will provide the most beautiful, bright and quality photos.