Ночной режим / Night mode

Scandinavia, the center of fluorography, the center of fluorography – Yes, that’s how they position themselves with repetitions on the Internet, inside 2GIS software! Complete idiots who can not NOTHING to do it right… But everything in order, because the sad shit name “Center of fluorography”.


Website “Scandinavia”, centre of chest x-ray

Let’s go to the beginning of the roller on the dolb..BAM, who start a website on the domain of the 3rd level and the name of which will remember only themselves (see screenshots). This is followed by information in the form of meta tags that are filled with complete suckers who do not know in the creation of sites absolutely NOTHING!

If you look at this single page, then you will have no doubt that the information is located on the page randomly and randomly, and the fonts are selected in ANY way (they are not selected, Yes, that’s right…).


Fluorographic examination

Now let’s go directly to the claim.

Disgusting service. I came last night to make a flask, I had to do it anonymously, because I did not have a passport. Today, at 8.20 am came back, telling the Manager that I just need to correct the certificate and fill in the passport details. I. e. Less than a day has passed since the creation of 2 projections. In the end, the Manager Catherine said, that type this my problems and I should still sweep 800₽ from above and be irradiated even one more time. More inadequate people still need to look in the cultural city of St. Petersburg on Uprising, 1! Thus, neither showing not on this subject. I mean, I have to take her word for it. Stupid office, with stupid managers. In the end had to do it again flyushku…



Idiotic company, which, of course, no foot, because employees “Scandinavia” – is SOMETHING, or NOTHING, which is the same for this firmeshki! In addition, for them money is worth more than anything else in the world, as evidenced by their bestial attitude towards you.

As they say, if you want the same attitude, you are welcome!