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Why do people leave Vkontakte

Почему уходят люди из Вконтакте

WHy did people go from popular social network Vkontakte, let’s deal with specific examples? First of all I would like to mention the fact that many social (and in Russia they almost all belong to mailgroup) are a poor design, copied from other foreign networks (but it may be true), as well as tracking of your personality type, and in fact all your actions.

So after sunset in Vkontakte there is a feeling that you came to the island, where the inhabitants are unknown people who have nothing to do except “potrendet about nothing” to make selfi on camera in the bathroom, etc. It is one of the reasons of leaving here.


What’s wrong with OpenID?

Firstly, the timing of reading the messages: you may wait weeks for the other person’s response, just because… he checks the message 1 time in a month! More and more people use instant messengers (not Yandex, of course!) for this reason, fewer and fewer come to the The messengers has no annoying ads (or nearly no), the content is organized the way you want!


PReviously, most users of this social.the network talked about the fact that we are ONLY here for their playlists and they are convenient to listen to music tunes, and not other sites. What has changed? ADVERTISING! In principle, the primary motivator of leaving Facebook and the main reason is the removal of tracks from your sheets, i.e. gathering a large collection of music, you can exactly go without it! There is no reason to be where you once – track, two – delete you collected the same music… and is built into the music, annoying absolutely EVERYONE!

Hidden pages

IF you came in search of friends, obviously you were not there, although any social.initially, the network is a platform to find like-minded friends, etc. Why now by going to almost any profile, you can see that it is closed from view? All because users understand that they are being watched and indicate false information about yourself, birthday, place of study, work, etc. – now try to find who you need! Also avatars of Internet users indicate is not what you’re alive to see or recognize them in person.

Too much unnecessary information

NOw the network is coming from all the cracks, including in groups, public (so far for me it’s the same thing). Moreover, the information is practically not moderated, i.e. anyone who paid for a place on the screen, can you show nonsense. Audience Vkontakte has long become unnecessary or business (serious), because in this network there is no best customers, in contrast to the same Facebook nor ordinary inhabitants who do NOT NEED constant advertising of all.


friends of Friends and recommendations

IF you had come up the pictures, someone similar to friends, now it is the unknown people who are in the 10th generation to do with my friends, or just work together… Why would I add people who just say buy clothes in the Mall? Recommendations should be based not only on the preferences that you specify in your profile (usually fake), but on the real your actions – although tries. they who surrendered?


VKontakte, and Odnoklassniki is a chain nyakusa social.networks from malgrupp (she still has the!), and just spoiled after Durov project (my personal opinion)!