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Visual Template Studio visual Studio edit templates

Visual Template Studio is a dream component for any user of Joomla since before it has a huge number of advantages, and allows the site administrator to work with 2 panels to manage and edit modules and styles using a visual interface. With the help of this useful extension, you can manage the modules, put them in the position that you want to change the template styles, not fixing the source code via FTP.

Visual Template Studio

The visual editor is much better than the edit code manually and verify it in the browser.
Change all elements occurs in the intelligent mode.
In addition, you can obtain information about the location of their modules on the page. Using Visual Template Studio as a module Manager you have to not only drag and change positions of modules, but also edit style element using a special panel. Now you don’t have to edit the code directly, to take the CSS code in the project template – just use the Elements Inspector and Image Effects Editor.
To edit the various page elements you need to select the appropriate one and use the CSS editor to apply new design styles. To move the module to the desired position, you simply drag it there.
Simply drag the required element with the mouse and release it in the right place, add modules, using visual and interactive editor. Who now need a separate designer, if you yourself can be, do not understand the intricacies of editing code.
Many people are ready to create a website design, but do not have sufficient knowledge, the more time to parse the code Joomla. It’s for them that was made a component of Visual Template Studio.
Interactive module Manager.
Standard drag and drop elements on the page.
Full control of components: delete, add, edit, etc.
Changing CSS styles via the WYSIWYG editor.
Edit the colors, fonts, size, margins, etc.
Support most modern browsers.
Friendly editor interface.