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Virtuemart – online store with their hands in Joomla CMS


Virtuemart is probably the most popular tool for creating your own online store for selling electronic goods and real products and services, etc. With this component, it is possible not only to establish a full-fledged store, but you can add many different options such as tooltips, payment methods, feedback form, etc.

It should be noted that Virtuemart is a free extension, but almost all the individual modules and payment methods (plugins) – pay, so you need to understand that if you want to expand the standard options, you should pay for it.
In addition, after installing the component you will see all the standard store settings, such as categories of goods, the goods themselves, their characteristics and parameters, your customers (if they were), translations of extensions and add-ons, settings, etc.
Let’s just say if you need a really high-quality store with a variety of payment methods, unique design baskets, support for the Russian language and many other advanced functions a full-fledged project based on the sale of goods or services, this component needs to be modified with the help of specialists, either by their own means (if you are not a professional programmer), and this would be extremely difficult provided that you are just starting your online business!
Of course, you can read the information that is provided online on various websites, but I suggest you to understand this component (if you have time and desire), as many of the nuances cannot be covered by simple coding.
Overall this is a great solution for those who want to get the most from your store and the sale of services, goods, as Virtuemart allows you to organize on almost everything you need for interesting and high-quality online store.
In more detail all the functions we will consider in future lessons, and while you can read about flash component for creating an online store.
The ability to install an unlimited number of products.
The continued support of the component and its update.
Free solution.
Many fans of this extension, use it all over the world.