Another beautiful slider introduced the firm developed by vinaGecko. This developer on the spectacular specializiruetsya module – sliders, so this solution will fit virtually to any website running Joomla 3.x, and is called slider, Vina Slicebox Image Slider.
Vina Slicebox Image Slider

This module is a slideshow of photos taken in 3D format, and more specifically the transitions between them.
Vina Slicebox Image Slider is a jQuery 3D Image Slider module which produces transitions with CSS and offers a great solution for older browsers that don’t support new options.
Using these transitions, you can create amazing effects in three-dimensional space. Additional settings can be configured through the module itself, you can do everything you need, and your customers will immediately notice it.
Beautiful effects. The slider takes the conventional 2D transition and represents the image in 3D for more depth and visual interaction.
Automatic resizing.
Unlimited number of images.
Fully customizable interface via CSS and HTML.