Vina AuEvent is a great template for CMS Joomla

Vina AuEvent

Vina AuEvent is a new template, 2014 for the Joomla CMS system. Firm vinaGecko as always offers an adaptive version of the design, fast loading and beautiful design. First of all, this template is perfect for organizing events, such as a music concert of a popular artist.
Vina AuEvent

Sometimes websites are one-page and this variant of implementation can be considered successful, if you plan to use only a minimum of information, while changing only the events themselves, not the contacts or articles.
The meaning of this design is the following: you click on the menu item above, and the necessary item is on the same page as everyone else. The visibility of the item depends on which one you clicked. For example, the blog will be down and the sponsors are a little higher – you can simply browse the entire page with the mouse, and you can go straight to the desired menu item.
The advantages of this approach to the visual perception of the user can be considered a quick access to the required information, as well as the minimum cost of fixing it.
Overall a great pattern, and inexpensive.