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ViKing Troll – a wonderful tool for SEO, allowing you to promote your group, sell a product, etc. in the social network Vkontakte.

ViKing Troll

The popularity of this project has already been confirmed by many experts, so visitors of this resource can become your clients. To do this, just need positive feedback and the correct approach to the formation of his group inside the website.
To enhance a group visit, you should write reviews or comments in it. It is intended to do this program ViKing Troll
Viking Troll is not only a program for mutual exchange of comments Vkontakte.
With this program you can implement a publish from third-party accounts. The program parameters are very easy to install, you can quickly switch between the added users and make the necessary actions. It is based on a special principle of exchange between members of Vkontakte. Thus, you login to the system and allow other users to write their feedback (username and password are not used, all jobs run only on your computer). In addition to this, you already publish your comments on behalf of those accounts, which will add a special base exchange.
The advantage of this program is that when properly structured dialogue within the system you will get the fastest flow of visitors to your project – this could be your website, office, and whatever!