Quick insert video using a special plugin for Joomla called Speed. Speed is the extension, which is designed to embed audio and video in the article. With it, you have the ability to set videos from popular hosting sites such as Vimeo, YouTube and others. Also supports HTML 5 video and audio formats. You can use different methods which we will discuss below. As can be seen from the above example, the code installation is performed using a special tag. In the following embodiment shows how to set the code for HTML 5.  that is, all you need to remember is a special tag. In addition, in the settings you can insert settings such as width, height, style, etc. width – the width of the player height of the player t_width – width of a thumbnail image t_height – height of a thumbnail image style – this option is used to add style to show the player, for example, apply to the centre if the left edge of the window class – this setting can be used to add additional classes lightbox – values can be 1 or 0, establishes the possibility of using lightbox to display player button – the values can be either 1 or 0 indicates the possibility of displaying the start button in the thumbnail a More detailed overview of all features, refer to the next page. plugin