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Overview of components for embedding videos in Joomla

видеоролики на сайте Joomla

There are many different components to create video portals, as well as individual modules and plugins that allow you to organize a separate page with display Windows and playlists with videos, but we will consider only some of them, especially for Joomla quality extensions of this type created a bit.
видеоролики на сайте Joomla

First and foremost, I would like to say that to choose an individual design for your website is unlikely, as all components under the brand suggest the implementation of a video according to their standards. But, of course, you can find a plugin that will allow you to include external CSS styles, as well as internal change. Anyway, will try to find the best component for the creation and implementation of clips in your project.
HD FLV Player
I must say that this component I chose because it:
Straightforward to manage.
No external outgoing links (except the reference to the manufacturer).
In addition to the above the following can be noted: this component offers social integration, i.e. you can share all your videos with your friends using the built-in options. Also you may set a desired language for buttons directly from the component, without downloading any files or messing around in the code module. Very convenient is to configure the main window of the video is the width, height, description, number of rows and columns, and much more. The obvious advantage of this feature is the presence of built-in advertising, so you will be able to install the Google Adsense code, etc.
Overall rating: RECOMMEND to EVERYONE!
BT Media Gallery
I will say that this component is not used personally, but judging by the settings that he has, he will become a management assistant gallery both photo and video. What can this plugin? A useful feature is the import of the popular hosting, photo and video, such as Flickr, Picasa, Youtube, Vimeo, ie you don’t have to manually copy and paste links to videos or images. In addition, there is a voting system, integration of tags, social networks, comments. All these extra options only enhance the effect of watching videos on your site, which gives the project advantages in comparison with other similar components. Probably the only drawback is the presence of only the paid version of this plugin.
Overall rating: RECOMMENDED!
Viper Youtube Video Gallery Pro
This module was used, and not on one project. What can I say? First, the module brazenly put external links in the video that in no way gives him advantages, especially with SEO optimizers! The problem that I only partially solved by contacting the developer who put the tag “nofollow” to the links. Given the fact that this component is paid, but still need to go into code to fix something very negative about it. Secondly, Yes, very comfortable right out of the module to choose the topic that you need personally and also to choose the color of links, background, etc., but… very uncomfortable to watch sometimes problems with encoding UTF-8, as these problems occur (for me these were, so I set a different extension). Despite all the above negative factors this module, I can say that it is suitable for small projects where you need to make beautiful any page, or make the module side, etc. In this case, he has no equal, as the plugin offers a huge number of themes.
Overall rating: SUGGEST, BUT NOT ALL!
HD Webplayer
Much to tell about this component of nothing, as it represents the most common settings for your video in a certain order. If you need a simple, but yet effective player for website, it is good value, but the deal is likely to have, as the information only in a foreign language. But judging by the screenshots, you have all the options to create a complete video galleries ad-supported.
Overall rating: NEUTRAL!
Youtube Gallery
One of the first of these components, which I tried on your website. What can I say of him? First would like to say that this component offers a large number of design options, you can always download from the manufacturer’s website. The parameters are user-friendly menu that’s very similar to the standard settings of Joomla. However all links are made manually, and additional “gadgets” available only in the PRO version, but nevertheless, the good component. Overall, nothing bad to say because all the main parameters taken into account, but would like more, for example, support for social networks or send by e-mail.
Summary: the Best component to create your own portal Joomla is the one that contains only the necessary functions that you really need! This table shows the total characteristics and rating extensions.
The cost
HD FLV Player
BT Media Gallery
Viper Youtube Video Gallery Pro
HD Webplayer