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vAccount is a component of management of your finances in Joomla

vAccount is a powerful and easy to use, simple component for making all the monetary transactions which you enter into via the online shop, allows you to enter data about potential and existing clients, implement schedules, and view reports and also create your own templates of invoices and much more.

Most effective when you maintain the condition of their funds and distribute them on condition of reality. This unique tool helps vAccount, with its help you can track your daily, weekly, monthly and annual income and all your expenses will be in one place.
In addition, the program has a convenient and highly intuitive interface to better and faster you can find what you need here and now. It is possible to obtain a sufficiently clear picture of the state of your finances, which will allow to plan the budget of the enterprise.
It generates nice graphical reports on your income and expenses using colorful histograms and line, and pie charts. The component can import and export data in monetary transactions in CSV, json and XML files – and this is one of the most important features of the new version.
This solution is unlimited and can be used for regular web stores, for example, for individual Virtuemart and finances of your family, or any other purpose. Always useful to know total income for a certain period of time, as well as specific categories that you set for yourself.
There are complete and excellent filters, with whose help you can know how much you spend, and in just a few clicks away. Send invoices to your customers immediately after purchase, with dynamically generated templates. Is the function of task scheduling and dispatch them to a specified period of time.
Thus, we can say that vAccount is analogous to today’s popular CRM systems that can impact on your sales.
Not just a tool, a personal consultant for contact management.
Look at the charts – display what you want to see.
Options and settings for recurring transactions – save time and effort, making the work more efficient.
Don’t miss important transaction reminders will help us to predict future actions.
The choice of the invoices – make your own design of their projects and have benefited from it.


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