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The return of the money – not a myth but a reality

Modern interactive trading industry has been widely used discounts similar to the traditional bonus, called cashback. It is a kind of marketing ploy that appeals to a specific online store for more buyers who are loyal to this shopping service.


AliExpress is a reliable partner, which will return you money

Cashback – English expression that consists of two words: cash cash back back. That is literally the buyer returns part of the amount spent on any purchases. The return is not immediately, but after some time. Payment for the goods includes the direct cost of the item and announced various promotional activities. Funds will be credited to the account of the buyer with the help of affiliated sites that contain external links to commercial resources. Clicking on such a link, the consumer is permanent or temporary guest of an online store, and the owner gets the profit from the sold goods/services.
Best cashback via aliexpress most popular operation in the environment of the mass buyer. Withdrawal is carried out through electronic payment systems, time-tested and people.

Dignity Asian service

China’s largest online resource operates online services ePN Cashback. ePN is a public partner that have established business relationship with the giant trading company without intermediaries. Concluding the agreement with the ePN Aliexpress have thoroughly examined the quality of work and diligence. As a result, every visitor of the trading platform can ensure that ePN has a lot of advantages, namely:

  • return percentage is the highest (in comparison with similar commercial structures);
  • the speed of receipt of funds on the card is high;
  • designed interface and easy navigation online store, allowing you to quickly deal with the advantages and characteristics of the ePN Cashback;
  • the current affiliate program;
  • the absence of fees for withdrawal.

In order for cashback to be installed, it is first necessary to register. Activating this service and making various purchases, you can count on automatic crediting of funds. Important: don’t forget to use the option “Purchase with cashback”. The percentage of refund depends on the product category. The rate table can be seen on the website of aliexpress. In any case, the cashback is charged on the price of the product excluding shipping cost. The maximum percentage is not more than half the cost of a single order. Gift certificates, transportation costs, and cell phones in the app are excluded from earning cashback.
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In case of difficulties any registered user can make use of the technical and information support.