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Universal AJAX Live Search – search with a beautiful design

This extension to install search on your site will change completely the whole concept of search modules for Joomla, as it includes a lot of great features and “bells and whistles”. Among them are: professional design, real, excellent interaction with the system and fast loading. Now You under no circumstances do not change this search engine to any other!
Universal AJAX Live Search

Never been so easy to find the right material, or category, in addition, supported social networks and many other functions. Now think on how to view the visitors of your project in the search box – code clean and attractive appearance will quickly increase conversion rate and impress new users.
Live Search has 4 fully customizable themes with a huge number of preset options and settings of the templates:
Flat Theme (Clean template)
Net template component Universal AJAX Live Search will attract the buyers and users of the resource for its friendly interface, simple responsive design and beautiful animation.
Minimal Theme (Minimal pattern)
Select the most suitable format of design that will suit any website design and template. We recommend this type if you use the search on the gallery and the sites to find images.
Elegant Theme (Elegant pattern)
The skin (shell) is a the power of visualization of live search. Would be a good addition to any project.
Simple Theme (Simple template)
This theme uses the most simple and clean code. Just type in the search keyword and get the results in the bottom panel. For those sites that use 2-3 colors in the template.
Why is it better than other search engines by default?
The main selection criterion was the download. Today every Internet user knows how relevant the problem is the download speed of the site components. People need an answer to your question right away. This search module is part of a good site, and suggestions for keywords will be a great help when you start writing.
What versions of Joomla are supported?
From the initial Joomla! To the final 1.5 Joomla! 3.x
Why it is versatile?
This module can display the result of the most popular search plugins that are installed in Joomla? as well as working with them. Many of them have an improved version developed by the manufacturer to show images in search results.
Support for third-party components (full compatibility):
VirtueMart 1.1 – 3.x and other components of online sales
Ozio Gallery
Ignite Gallery
Community Builder
Phoca Gallery
and many other extensions!


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